Presskit for Robotic Invasion Legacy

Robotic Invasion Legacy Presskit



Robotic Invasion Legacy


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Release date:

April 2, 2018


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In this double game you must rescue the inhabitants of Greenytoria! Greeny must travel through grassy forest, the lurky undergrounds, desolate sand dunes and a giant pyramid. Greeny can shoot and jump, pick up items and use them in his quest to save his friends. At the end of each game awaits a tricky boss fight. See how many achievements you can earn along the way. Good luck!

About the game

Robotic Invasion Legacy is a remastering of two old pc games, now reborn for mobile with universal screen support and many extra features and enhancements. Have fun!


  • 2 games for the price of free
  • 8 levels of platforming action
  • 2 tough boss fights
  • 15 achievements to unlock
  • Soundtrack featuring 9 tracks
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TechVision is a hobbyist game developer. I have developed games on and off (mostly off?) since the late nineties. I have finished and released about 15 games in that time, and worked on numerous prototypes. I rarely know what I'm going to do next. That makes work very exciting, but hard to make announcements unless it's pretty much finished. My games are for PC, HTML5 and Android. Having now developed my second game for mobile, I think the future holds more mobile games. More games for PC, and HTML5, are also likely.