Owl or Penguin?

Owl or Penguin?


  • Simple to play – hard to stay alive

  • Choose the difficulty YOU like

  • Lovely pictures of owls and penguins

  • Get it free!

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  • Easy one touch controls

  • Three play modes with different speeds, so anyone can play

  • Beautiful images of owls and penguins

  • Includes a nice melodic guitar track

  • Optimized for phones and tablets

Can you tell an owl from a penguin? Playing is simple: Tap left for owl. Tap right for penguin.

Think you are fast enough? Owl or Penguin? tests your reaction skills and stamina to the fullest.

Simple to learn - but hard to stay alive!

Learning the game is simple. Playing is not as easy as it may sound, though. You will be bombarded with owls and penguins if you're fast enough. If you fail, don't worry. You can always start again.

Minimalistic and bright

Just as the gameplay is simple and easy to get into, the user interface is bright and sparse for quick navigation.

Have fun!

Get Owl or Penguin? on Google Play


Game developed by TechVision
Music by Danny Morris
Owl and penguin images by these Flickr users

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